Webinar: Metrics & Complexity

Juni 15, 2018

Free Webinar – Metrics & Complexity: Why is it ever-more important to measure your PLC programs?

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Itris Automation to host a webinar about metrics and complexity of PLC programs.

Maintainability is an essential quality of PLC programs, since PLC systems tend to have a long life, during which modifications and improvements will need to be made. Measuring metrics and complexity is an effective method of estimating how easy a program will be to maintain. Itris Automation will host a webinar on 28th June 2018 to introduce the concept of software complexity for PLCs and to demonstrate how PLC Checker can measure metrics and calculate the complexity of your PLC programs.

Historically, metrics and complexity have been more of a concern in computer science. However, with the constant introduction of new technologies and the increasing need to improve efficiency, complexity is starting to be of interest in industrial automation.

Itris Automation is an advocate for PLC program quality, and we aim to help our customers improve the quality, and thus the maintainability, reliability, efficiency, and readability of their PLC programs. We are therefore interested in measuring metrics in order to get an idea of just how complex a PLC program is. To do this, we have created a specific complexity rule set for PLC Checker. This rule set will help you verify the complexity of your PLC programs early on so that you can improve them if necessary, and then save time and money when it comes to your maintenance processes.

Join our webinar to find out more about metrics and complexity of PLC programs, and how you can quickly and easily measure them with PLC Checker.

Karoline Beske, International Sales Director, and Lorenzo Giraldi, International Technical Sales, at Itris Automation, will conduct the webinar in English on 28th June at 3PM (CET). The webinar is free of charge and open to anyone. Sign up for the webinar here.

Itris Automation is a software engineering company that provides development tools for the verification, conversion, documentation, and troubleshooting of PLC codes to complement the programming tools of international PLC vendors. Thanks to their advanced technologies, Itris Automation helps companies improve development processes and thus deliver higher quality programs in shorter timeframes.

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