Itris tools now support Schneider Electric’s new Control Expert

Juli 12, 2019

Itris Automation, a Schneider Electric company bringing software engineering techniques to PLC programming, announced today the addition of three new PLC types to the list of PLCs supported by their software tools: Schneider Electric’s Control Expert, the new development environment that replaces Unity Pro, ABB DOX5, and ISaGRAF v6.

Itris’ software tools PLC Checker, PLC DocGen and ICS Monitoring are now available for these three newly supported PLC types and a new migration path, ABB DOX5 to Siemens TIA Portal, is available for PLC Converter.

Since they began developing their software tools, Itris has been committed to making them available for as many PLC brands and models as possible. Their tools allow manufacturers using any type of PLC to improve the quality and maintainability of their programs, helping them meet the industry’s increasing demands within the tighter deadlines and limited budgets.

Itris is constantly working to provide support for new PLC formats to make their software tools more widely available. Currently, their tools are available for 40 languages for 11 brands and 20 PLC models.

The full list of supported PLCs can be found on the product pages on their website.